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Dr V Balaji
Vascular disease is not just about ‘poor circulation’. They come in various forms: peripheral arterial disease affects the arteries taking blood to the arms and the legs, carotid artery disease affects the arteries taking blood to the brain, and renal artery disease limits the blood flow to the kidneys, causing high blood pressure(hypertension) Dr V Balaji (Vascular Surgeon) is one of the best specialized Cardio Vascular Surgery Doctors Doctors- Cardiology(Heart Specialists) Doctors- Vascular Surgeons in Chennai. Dr.Venugopal Balaji was born in the year 1963 and had is undergraduate medical education at Madras Medical College Chennai,India. He graduated in the year 1986 and joined post graduate surgical training immediately at Madras Medical College and Government General Hospital Chennai,India. He passed out in 1989 and left for United Kingdom for further higher surgical training.
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